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IT Security

ACS understands how important it is to keep your IT systems and staff safe online, and that is why we offer IT security to keep your business secure 24/7.

Protect your business from modern cyber security threats including the latest Ransom wear attack one of the most widespread and damaging threats that internet users face.

ACS can ensure your systems are protected at all times. Initially we will map out your entire network, giving us a complete overview of your systems and security procedures already in place. This enables us to spot any potential issues that may be hiding.

Speed matters when there is a problem, and this is why we offer a first class helpdesk for support via email and phone – whichever suits. You will have a dedicated account management team who you know by name and can contact directly to avoid any downtime. They will know your company and systems and will be able to manage the issue for you so you can concentrate on the business.

What is a Ransomware cyber-attack and how can schools and academies protect themselves from the latest outbreak?

The latest attack is called Wanna Decryptor, Wanna Cryptor, WanaCrypt0r, WannaCry or WCry and is believed to be version 2.0 of the ransomware. It’s spreading quickly and is infecting a large number of Windows systems.

Once a system is infected, the ransomware takes control and begins the self-propagation (worming) process using SMB protocol, looking for more vulnerable hosts and exploiting a Windows vulnerability that was patched by Microsoft in March 2017 as part of their MS17-010.

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“Ransomware is one of the most widespread and damaging threats that internet users face. Its important businesses have an effective means of IT protection in place to ensure they’re secure. This includes having the latest security solutions, good IT security practices and regular training for employees”


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Benefits of IT Security:
  • acs We can monitor your devices 24hours a day
  • acsFrequent service reviews, reporting and analysis
  • acsDedicated account management team
  • acsOne port of call for advice, problem resolution and vendor hardware faults
  • acsHelpdesk on hand via phone or email
  • acsA service that’s tailored to your business requirements

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