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Appropriate Filtering
& Monitoring Systems

ACS can help you to keep children safe so that they can’t access harmful or inappropriate material on the schools IT system.

In May 2016, the UK Safer Internet Centre issued information and guidance based on reforms in the Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, with a view to helping schools and colleges having appropriate filters and monitoring systems to keep their pupils safe on line. With particular remit to not being able to access harmful or inappropriate material from the schools or colleges IT systems.

Our filtering and monitoring systems ensure that these standards are met.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you block access to illegal child abuse images and content?

Yes this content has been implemented as part of our block list.

Can you block certain keywords and phrases?
Are you able to provide age appropriate filtering?
Is the system easy to use and does it give us control to permit or deny access to specific content?
Can you integrate the “police assured list of unlawful terrorists content”?
What is your approach to filtering?
Can you identify individual users?
Can we apply filtering centrally from our school network?
Can we block content from mobile and app technologies?
Do you offer a reporting mechanism?

Ensure that your pupils can’t access harmful or inappropriate
material from your schools IT system
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