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The ACS SIMS & FMS Support Team recognise that schools need to be aware of all that SIMS/FMS can deliver, training provides a vital mode for school staff to be able to use SIMS/FMS more efficiently and effectively. If school staff are well-trained SIMS/FMS can be used to its full potential.

An extensive range of courses are offered in our well-equipped, modern training room for new staff, experienced staff and for the different school roles. Training in the ACS Training room is free of charge for any school who have purchased the ACS SIMS/FMS Support package and delegates are able to attend any course any number of times, often learning more on a re-visit. Most training courses are held termly, please see below examples of some of the training courses we provide:

Course Sessions Course Session
SIMS Office User Three Half Days Staff Performance Half Day
SIMS Attendance Half Day SIMS Discover Overview Half Day
Standard Reporting Half Day SIMS Discover Assessment Half Day
Extended Reporting Half Day SIMS CTF & S2S Half Day
Advanced Reporting with EXCEL Half Day FMS User Two half Day
SIMS Dinner Money Half Day FMS Budget Management Half Day
Assessment Manager Half Day FMS Year End Half Day
SIMS SEN Half Day FMS Accounts Receivable Half Day
SIMS Behaviour Management Half Day Equipment Register & Asset Management Half Day
Reporting for Behaviour Half Day Microsoft WORD Half Day
SIMS Personnel Half Day Microsoft EXCEL Half Day
SIMS Top Tip & Techniques and Recent Developments Half Day

Extra training courses are provided at relevant times throughout the year e.g. Options, Exams, Post 16 Census etc. and schools are invited to attend free of charge as part of the Support package. Bespoke courses can also be provided either in the ACS Training room or in school at an extra charge.

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