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SIMS Training

Delivered by a friendly and SIMS
accredited team with unrivalled experience

The ACS SIMS Support Team is recognised as an official Capita SIMS accredited support team.

The Capita SIMS Accreditation process ensures that schools using the software receive the best quality support and training and is achieved by a rigorous assessment process.

SIMS Accreditation recognises those SIMS Support teams providing high quality support to schools and also aims to provide assistance in further development of support and training services.

The assessment and accreditation of SIMS support teams aims to enhance the services schools receive, enabling them to explore the full capability of SIMS and make a significant improvement to children’s lives.

What makes ACS different

We believe that teachers should have the time to teach and make every pupils education journey the best it possibly can be!

All our services are designed around enabling this and that is why SIMS is assisting teachers support children right across the UK to reach their full potential.

We believe in creating IT packages that work for you and for the benefit of the next generation.

ACS is a specialist provider of SIMS support for schools. We work closely with education providers offering SIMS support, training, consultancy and technical services to help you use technology to run your organisation more efficiently and to help improve your performance.

Our Promise to you

We can manage all aspects of ICT which helps teachers teach and pupils to learn using some of the best technology on the market. We do this by taking away the stresses and strains - making technology work for your specific education needs. We want to support you on your ICT Journey so we make the following promises which form our company ethos...

ACS Group | SIMS

Why choose ACS for your Training

How we support you

  • Dedicated SIMS experts
  • Unlimited helpdesk interaction
  • Dedicated training plans
  • Remote support
  • The ACS SIMS Support Team can undertake conversion from another Management Information System to SIMS and the routines to merge data in the event of two schools merging
  • Relationship Management
  • Understanding of education needs, regulations and policies
  • Service delivered exceeding all expectations
  • Road mapping for the future
  • Transparent communication