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One framework tailored specifically to your requirements

SharePoint is an online framework that integrates all key programmes, documents and websites in an easy to use format.

The software gives staff, students, parents and key stakeholders easy access to documents, calendars and news feeds on a range of handheld and desktop devices which makes it easy to manage at the click of a button or swipe of a screen.

Some education providers like their students to access certain pages to share homework or class work for reference at home - security settings are put in place to ensure only the intended persons have access to key information and pages.

Other key benefits of this innovative software:

See how it looks...



Bright and friendly look-and-feel with the school’s choice of logo, colours, typography and layout. Easy to modify and change with Microsoft Word type editing tools available within the browser.

Teachers' Site


Teachers’ site: a space to share information, notices, messages, documents and resources (Pupils don’t have access to this area.)



A single SharePoint calendar for all school events and appointments available any time and from anywhere. The SharePoint calendar can also be opened and used in Microsoft Outlook.

Planning & Other Documents


SharePoint’s powerful, but easy-to-use, document management tools can be used to store, access and search all of a school’s documents, resources and policies.



Each class can be provided with a separate site. This page provides bold and easy-use links to each of the class sites.

Classes - variations


Each class can be provided with a separate site. This page provides bold and easy-use links to each of the class sites.

Class page


A working space for each class. Text, pictures, links, resources and documents can be easily added for the class to use and share online.



Blog sites to report on class events and successes can be easily created and used. SharePoint also provides Wikis (for shared working), surveys and discussion forums.

Governors' Portal


The secure governors’ portal can be used to store and access minutes, agendas, meeting documents and policies. Access is restricted to authorised users.