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Delivering outstanding visitor management and registration solutions for education providers

ACS fully understands the safeguarding of pupils and students in any education establishment is paramount. The InVentry system can assist with keeping all students safe and accounted for on and off site at the touch of a screen as well as tracking all visitor activity.

System features

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface
  • Visitor Sign in & Photo ID Badge Printing
  • Fully Encrypted Datebase
  • DBS Check Integration
  • Quick Find and Visitor Memory
  • Staff Notification
  • Easy Sign In & Out
  • One-Click Fire Evacuation List
  • Time Card Printing
  • 20" Touchscreen with Integrated Webcam

Pupil Module

InVentry makes recording and collating student information quick, simple and abolishes the need for paper documents. Systems can be tailored to the education provider with different options for primary, secondary, 6th form and colleges.

Features include:

  • Automatically reads class lists from your MIS meaning no time consuming manual updates are required.
  • Records late pupils with Mark, Minutes Late, Time, Reason for Lateness.
  • Following administrator approval, automatically writes back to MIS.
  • Group Tracking for quick sign in/out of groups of pupils. Mobile registration for Breakfast and After-School Clubs using InVentry Anywhere.
  • Ability to record the parent/guardian who has collected the child.

Sign In solutions

  • Electronic registration for Breakfast and After-School Clubs
  • Available to primary and secondary schools
  • Real time working
  • Available from any device: tablet, laptop, interactive display

6th Form Tracking and Registering

  • Allows 6th Form Students to be tracked on/off site for fire evacuation
  • AM/PM session registration available with SIMS
  • All swipe and touchscreen sign in options available

InVentry Anywhere

InVentry can be accessed easily on and offsite from a range of hand held devices at the touch of a button with interactive screens to in aid student accountability.

Other features include

  • Classroom registration from any device
  • Tablet, laptop, interactive display
  • Includes photographs – ideal for supply teachers to recognise children
  • Height adjustable display for self-registration in Early Years

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