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Stream content across multiple devices

What is DisplayNote?

DisplayNote is a desktop and mobile application that lets presenters and teachers stream content from their computer to multiple participants across multiple devices. After starting a DisplayNote session on your computer, participants can join your session (via a wireless network) using the DisplayNote app on their device (iPad, tablet, phone, laptop).

How does it benefit schools and colleges?

DisplayNote is versatile, multi-platform, collaboration and annotation software, combining both the presentation aspects of interactive whiteboards and the diverse functionality of current tablet and handheld devices.

Open any content and connected devices will receive it on their device. Participants can capture your slides, add their own notes and work together in real-time collaboration.

When the session is over, both presenters and participants can save, store and export everything for future review.

Take a look at the brilliant DisplayNote video covering the new features and the eagerly anticipated AirPlay

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