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Financial Support Options

Giving you the flexibility you need to stay up to date with your school's finances

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ACS have support packages to suit your individual needs. You can choose monthly, quarterly or termly visits or simply help desk support. There are 6 levels of support, each includes unlimited telephone/fax support. The telephone helpline is available 8.30am–5pm Monday–Friday.

Managing finances is one of the most complex tasks a school or college faces, yet strict guidelines and legal requirements mean it must be accurate, on time and accountable.

Our extensive financial solutions are underpinned by an in-depth knowledge of Local Authority and DfE requirements, and are delivered by a dedicated finance officer.

If your school is an academy, the financial accounting is more complex and must comply with company law and the Charity Commission requirements.

"I would just like to say that I have been really impressed by your knowledge and advice regarding FMS. You make it look so easy. It has been so helpful having you at the end of the phone… I really do appreciate all your support. Your service is fantastic"

Jackie Taggart, School Business Manager
Jackie Taggart, School Business Manager
Intake Primary School

What help and assistance with FMS can ACS provide?

ACS Finance Services are totally tailored to the need of the school, whether it be FMS help desk services or 40 FMS visits per year, we are here to ensure the support solution meets your exact needs.

We provide a friendly, consistent and reliable support service that is totally bespoke to you:

Annual Budget Preparation, Medium term financial planning, FMS development and support services,Budget management (advice and preparation), Year end close down services, Support services to bank account schools, Training programme, dedicated finance officer and much more!

What about the regular returns our LA requires?

We know that returns vary from authority to authority. We will ensure you comply accurately and on time with the requirements in your particular area.

What about our management accounts?

We are experts at adapting information for different audiences. Stakeholder requirements vary and we can make sure you get the right information across to the relevant audience.

How can I prevent irregularities occurring?

It is far better to prevent frauds and irregularities from occurring than detecting them and having to deal with what follows. We can help you develop sound systems and internal controls to ensure compliance at every level.

We’re an academy – can you still help?

Yes, we have vast experience and are experts in academy transitions and understand all the financial implications.


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