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Designed to bring the most engaging interactive learning experience into todays classroom.

ACS are bringing you the latest collaborative learning functionality. 20-point multi-touch Interactive flat panels from BenQ. Designed to improve learning with a host of exciting features developed specifically to help teachers connect quickly and easily to present more engaging, collaborative classes, which can help students retain more of the material presented.

System features

  • Total Eye-Care Solution
  • Low Blue Light Technology
  • Anti-Glare Glass Minimizes Reflections
  • Driver-free Touch feature for Windows, Chrome and Linux
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • 20-Point Multi-Touch
  • Switch Input Source by Touch
  • Custom Android OS for the Classroom
  • Integrated Education Tools
  • Free Demonstration

20-Point Multi-Touch

Fast, smooth responsive 20-point multi-touch helps create a collaborative learning environment while making it easy for teachers and students to use technology. Up to 20 students can work simultaneously on projects for a truly interactive learning experience.

Anti-Glare Minimizes Reflections

Anti-glare display technology reduces reflections on the display surface. Enables crystal-clear visibility from anywhere in the room for clearer graphics and easier to read text under most lighting conditions.
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Total Eye-Care Solution

BenQ's Low Blue Light Technology reduces blue spectrum light emissions, which cause eyestrain and eye fatigue over time. The RP653 (features a classroom mode to activate Low Blue Light Technology.

Switch Input Source by Touch

Teachers can easily switch between different input sources by touch. Saves time and is quick and easy to use.

Custom Android OS for the classroom

The RP653 features a custom Android Operating System that provides various useful tools for classroom instruction, Includes everything from an Office Document viewer to Web Browser, Media Player to EZWrite, an on the fly touch writing application. Intuitive design enables teachers and students to immediately start using technology and enjoy the benefits the BenQ RP653 provides. Note: Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Front I/O Interface with Protective Cover

Built in the front bezel for easy access, the front I/O interface includes every port needed to support multimedia teaching, from HDMI to touch USB, media USB and OPS USB. it also has an earphone and microphone jack. A protective cover is added to keep away curious hands while giving the IFP a stylish look.

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