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ACS Is Proud to Present zioxi Ltd

zioxi Ltd designs and manufactures innovative products to support and inspire learning.

We enjoy problem SOLVING through design, producing inspiring products that are integrated into practical and stunning learning spaces. We deliver agile, adaptable learning environments so no one space can be used in many different ways, encouraging collaboration and interaction. Our furniture helps integrate technology. making ICT easy to access and easy to store securely too.

Sahara Clevertouch

TeacherWall & TeacherWall Height Adjustable

  • Perfect for storage and interactive teaching
  • Height adjustable TeacherWall adjust to floor level so nursery and primary age children can interact with the screen
  • Range of storage options - Low and Tall cupboards with shelves and resource trays
  • Optional charging facilities
  • can house AV equipment

Sahara Clevertouch

Wired & Rechargeable powerHub

  • Roundel collar to manage cables and power blocks
  • Fits perfectly with t41 tables
  • Available in a range of options - USB, mains power& Ethernet variants
  • Innovative charging solution that takes power where you need it most
  • Rechargeable option - no floorboxes needed - can be wheeled and used anywhere

Sahara Clevertouch


  • Perfect way to add the wow factor to your library or LRC space
  • Creates a quiet reading space and a large capacity book store
  • Can be used with an s41 table and wedge seating to create a 'study cave'
  • Available in a variety of formats including the circular Hive, spirals and waves

Sahara Clevertouch

t41 Desks

  • Provides a flexible classroom layout which helps improve learning and increases collaboration
  • Can be set up in rows, waves, collaborative groups or stacked horizontally
  • Spacious mobile storage mounted on lockable castors'
  • t41 roundel - keep stationary resources in one convenient place

Case Studies

At zioxi, a talented team of space planners will complete a site visit and detailed analysis of your requirements to create a truly flexible and innovative space. We create plans for IT & Media suites, Breakout spaces, Library upgrades, Reception areas, Teaching & Learning spaces and more. For more information, click on the links below:

2017 Product Catalogue