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Providing the highest quality and most cost effective Avaya telecoms for your school

ACS provide you the highest quality and cost-effective Avaya telecoms for your school. If you’re looking to improve your communications service within your school’s ICT, ACS can deliver a cost effective, quality and reliable solution. Firstly we will check to see how your current telephone system works within the school. If together we feel that you are not receiving an optimum service then we can plan out the new service to work with the school’s requirements.

Why implement the ACS Avaya telecoms solution in your school?

  • ACS will introduce a package tailored to your school requirements
  • Lowered cost of communications
  • Crystal clear communication service
  • Reliable and quality user-friendly phone systems
  • 24/7 customer support

Do you want a transparent telecoms service?

  • Comparative tariffs – bespoke ACS solutions that are built into your plan and specification in order to reduce your annual school costs. You can save money on your calls without changing all the existing numbers you have in place.
  • Flexibility – the package can be changed and developed; add or deduct as you require.
  • Control and safety – monitor your usage, expenditure and billing information through a web-based interface.

Typical features include...

Free calls
or calls between IP sites along with lower cost calls to all other sites.
Call waiting and call park
Our ACS system will inform you when another caller is waiting. Use 'call park' to place a line on hold while you take another call.
Three way calls
Easily introduce a third person into an existing conversation
Access school voicemail from any internal or external phone and online.
Message alerts
Be alerted to new messages through on-screen pop-ups, SMS text messages and email alerts.
Create a unique password and pin number for each user to assist with security
Call barring
Block those unwanted outgoing calls and prevent fraudulent calls.
Last number redial
Missed calls are easily accessible with 'click to talk' – return missed calls in an instant
System failover
Set up external failover numbers in the event of a local network failure or power cut.
Call diversion
Divert calls around the school easily and professionally.
Online address book
Easily manage contacts and set reminders against entries.
Call forwarding
You can forward your calls to another number or twin with your mobile phone.
Call recording
Constantly review and improve your call handling and customer service.

Supported telephones...

IP Telephones

Ideal reception phones and receiving a large amount of calls.

Digital telephones

Simple and inexpensive communications solution for a digital network.

Conference telephones

Easy, reliable and effective communication to a number of people in a variety of locations.

Cordless telephones

Easily contactable solution when you’re on the move within school.

For a telecoms package that's tailored to your school...

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