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Project managed from start to finish, ensuring all aspects of the plan are completed as agreed

Whether it’s setting up a new network infrastructure or replacing an ageing network, we ensure these new systems are designed and implemented to deliver the required educational benefits from day one.

Our technical team consists of project managers, system engineers and senior network consultants. We have experience of installing and managing hundreds of differently configured ICT environments, for a wide range of schools.

"What ACS have done will definitely improve teaching and children’s learning. At the end of the day this is what we are here for as teachers. We want children to be able to learn to the highest standard and I have no doubt that the children will benefit. It’s the continuous proactive relationship that ACS has created, which puts them head and shoulders above anyone else"

Sharon Faulkner, Head Teacher
Sharon Faulkner, Head Teacher
Hawthorn Primary School

Improve your teaching standards with new shared technology

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