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Computing Curriculum Development

Using technology to raise standards across the curriculum

  • Deliver effective ICT education and learning
  • Develop a curriculum that suits your requirements
  • Teach computing with confidence
  • Deliver engaging lessons to improve learning
  • Understand new technologies & their benefit to the school
  • Improved confidence with online security

Computer Curriculum Development is a brand-new service at ACS delivered by a certified Apple teacher. Experienced and knowledgeable on how a classroom operates within technology. We can tailor the perfect course to fit your curriculum. Providing courses from getting the most out of your iPads all the way to learning how to code.

This new school service will be made up of two key areas, Training and ICT Curriculum Development.

The training service is aimed at giving schools the support and confidence needed to be able to deliver effective ICT education and learning and consists of the following courses:

How to use iPads effectively

This course will provide digital literacy training to ensure the mobile technology you have is used effectively to engage children and make a real difference to their learning. Michael will also demonstrate different apps available to help make your planning, marking and teaching easier.

How to give your children’s work an authentic audience through blogging

Begin your journey into blogging and learn how to drive traffic to your blogs, understand why you should use them and the educational benefit from giving your children’s work an authentic audience.

How to teach the computing curriculum with confidence

We have experience of teaching this program to every age group of the primary sector and can deliver tailored training to meet your needs. Michael will provide online resources to help bring your lessons to life and give you all the information needed to confidently deliver effective lessons.

How to help children stay safe online

This course will help you give children the skills needed to stay safe online. You’ll cover things like personal information, passwords and social media to help students determine what they should or shouldn’t post and understand the importance of online safety.

All the above courses can be delivered through inset training, twilight sessions and team teaching, provided on site or at an ACS classroom.

The ICT Curriculum Development service is aimed at helping schools develop a curriculum that suits your requirements and meets the needs of the National Curriculum.

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