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School Broadband Solution

Access valuable education resources quickly and safely

  • Superfast Broadband

Superfast 21CN is being rolled out around the country if its available in your area then we will install the fastest possible speed and the right package for you.

Content Filtering and Security

Content filtering that gives you control in and out of the classroom. Today’s filters need to provide safe, fast access to valuable educational resources and connections whilst effectively preventing access to inappropriate content. The user-friendly interface gives you freedom to tailor internet access. This also works across the board with Mobile devices, ensuring the safety of pupils around the clock – wherever they are.

"Everything we have is now instantly useable due to our reliable connection. Even with many pieces of hardware within the school being active it does not slow the internet down. Many of our previous issues and frustrations have gone. ACS provide an impeccable service"

Beryce Nixon, Executive Principal & National Leader of Education
Beryce Nixon, Executive Principal & National Leader of Education
Exceed Learning Partnership Hill Top Academy & Edlington Victoria Academy

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